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The story, concentrated in one day, focuses on the meeting and interactions of five high school students sent to detention for various reasons. Enemies or indifferent to each other at the start of the day, they interact and get to know each other, eventually forming bonds of friendship. Breakfast Club is considered a cult American comedy-drama film of the 1980s. The actors appear in several other John Hughes films.. This movie made it possible to reveal to the general public the English group "Simple Minds" with its title "Don't you forget me" by making it the soundtrack of the film 

Characters from left to right

John Bender, the “criminal”. Performed by Judd Nelson who appears in the film "St. Elmo's Fire" a large coat and black boots, he is the only one not to be accompanied to high school by his parents and to show no attachment to his establishment. Very aggressive, he attracts the wrath of the other teenagers and their supervisor, Mr. Vernon: he is the one who starts the arguments, closes the door to the room to shield them from the principal's gaze and supplies cannabis to his classmates. . Over the course of the film, however, he calms down, becoming closer to others and showing his vulnerability. He talks about his father who beats and insults him. At the end of the film, he begins a romantic relationship with Claire, daddy's girl..

Andrew Clark, the “athlete”. Performed by Emilio Estevez who appears in the movie "The outsiders, St. Elmo's Fire, Maximum overdrive, Young guns" he's a  wrestler on the Shermer high school team, he is completely crushed by the personality of his father who blames him for getting caught in detention. He seems to have a good moral sense since he defends Claire in the face of Bender's constant attacks. During the film, he gradually opens up and confesses to having attacked a friend on the wrestling team in order to impress his father...

Allison Reynolds, the “crazy one” (“basketcase”). Performed by Ally Sheedy who appears in the movies "Wargames, St. Elmo's Fire, Short Circuit...." Relatively discreet, she seems to have OCD and the other high school students seem afraid to look at her. However, she reveals a very developed artistic sense through her drawings. Just like Brian, she seems to suffer from the relationship between her parents, which perhaps pushes her to lie on many points. She is the only one who does not have a precise reason for her detention. At first neglected physically and sartorially, she changes radically thanks to Claire's intervention and this will not leave Andrew indifferent..

Claire Standish, "daddy's girl" ("princess" in the original version), Performed by Molly Ringwald who appears in the movie "Pretty in pink and sixteen candles" comes from a very rich family but whose parents have a conflicting relationship. Her father gave her diamond earrings, he drives a new BMW, and she eats sushi, a luxury dish, on her lunch break1. Her father tells her from the start of the film that she has nothing to reproach herself for, even though she skipped class to go shopping with her friends. Very well known in high school, she is generally seen as arrogant and her first actions confirm her image.

Brian Johnson, the “brain”. Performed by Anthony Michael Hall  who appears in the movie "Weird Science and sxiteen candles" He always has very good grades in class but is absolutely not appreciated by the rest of his class. John Bender takes his meal from him at the start of detention. As the teens talk about why they were disciplined, he explains that he brought a flare gun to the school to kill himself. Under enormous pressure from his parents, he loses his will to live after receiving a bad grade in a crafts class3..

The film ends with the reading, in voice alone, of the response left by Brian to Mr. Vernon: "Mr. Vernon, we accept that we sacrificed an entire Saturday in detention since you think we did something wrong." But we find the essay topic you gave us: “Who do you think you are?” absurd. You see us as you want to see us. We have found a very simple definition: each of us is at the same time gifted, an athlete, a deranged person, a daddy's girl and a delinquent. Okay with you ?

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